Product Spotlight {Canvas Wraps}

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Canvas Wraps

{Product Spotlight}

Canvas gallery wraps are an excellent product for those who want a simple, classic way to decorate your home with images.  If you think decorating your home with images is intimidating or difficult? 

Think again. 

Canvas gallery wraps or canvases as I call them are easy to care for and come ready to hang (no hassle with picking out the right frame or trying to get the right size).  They are an excellent solution for that blank wall behind your bed or over your couch or perhaps over the stairs.

Many of you who have visited my studio have seen the canvases in person. They are excellent quality and have an amazing look when hung in any room. I personally just finished decorating my daughters room with some canvases from her Supergirl shoot and she LOVES them.

Best of all canvases are very versatile.  They work great for family pictures, senior pictures as well as engagement and wedding pictures.  They also work great as a single print or as a grouping of prints.

Take a look at the intricate detail in that image and corners, not only are the a simple way to decorate, but they also have an elegant high end feel.

Take a look at our Canvas pricing here











What is the ideal size or how do I group these canvases you might ask?  Let me know if you would like more to come in a future post. 

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