So what have I been working on?

December 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So after my last blog post I can only imagine what everyone is thinking with what new thing I was talking about offering my Clients.


I know I lost most of you on that one, but believe it or not, I know you have seen what I am talking about before and you just didn't know it. For instance, do you all remember this photo we did back in the spring?


Well, this is a composite image. A composite image is a image that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into a single piece of art. You can view my other example photos below. The pieces of art are one off creations that are the combination of not only a photographers talent, but their artistic ability and imagination to create a one off piece of art. This technique of photography often brings on many different effects. From bringing Storybook ideas to life, to simply changing out the background for a newborn. The sky is the limit when done correctly. 

Personally, I am super excited about offering these pieces of art to my clients as it allows me to really touch base with my artistic side, as well as do something that I really feel will get children super excited. I mean come on, what little boy doesn't want to fight off a dragon, or fly through the air as their favorite super hero? And what little girl wouldn't love to be a princess is a far off land, or walk through a forest with beautiful wildlife at her side?

With being on maternity leave here the past 2 months, it has really opened up my ability to refine this awesome effect. And I cannot wait to share it with everyone in 2018!

Enjoy some before and afters of some of my most recent composites below :) Some you may recognize from past session events.


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