Gage's photoshoot with mommy!

January 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

Today I broke down and couldn't resist getting little Gage in front of my lens. My husband is finding this a tad entertaining, already telling Gage "you better get used to this bud, it will never end now the seal is broken." {lol} I'd lie if I said I wasn't excited about it, but hey, what mom doesn't want those adorable photos of their little ones?

Anyhow, so I dug out a couple little outfits and was able to catch Gage at his sleepy best and snapped away. All and all I have to say little man rocked his first photoshoot with mommy.

Just take a look at this adorable little guy!


Cynthia Mitzel(non-registered)
Gage is so adorable, Congrats to you and your family. Hopefully you all will be at Codorus again this year. I am looking at having a booth again and bringing pup Max for is annual pic.
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