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March 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have batted around the idea for some time to start my own prop side business. I mean why not, if I have the creativity and ability, why not? So, after taking the leap I have done just that, so I introduce Nature's Tapestries. Nature's Tapestries offers a variety of props including but not limited to, tiebacks, fairy crowns, floral bonnets, and floral crowns. Each item is made to look as natural and earthy as possible, and given that Nature made look.

A little back story on Nature's Tapestries.

Growing up as a child I was raised in the world of creativity and craft shows. My mom made anything from, wreaths and swags, to children's crafts. You name it she made it. I can remember after my mom opened her store is Historic Ellicott City sitting on the cool wood floor and watching in awe as she would pick her favorite floral's off the wall of well organized silk and dried flowers, then strategically placing them together creating a beautiful arrangement that everyone gawked at. It amazed me, and I wanted to do exactly what she was doing too. Years later when my mother passed, I can remember thinking "what in the world are we going to do with all these florals and items she had collected"? She had boxes upon boxes of items and I was doing my photography, so what was I going to use all this stuff for? That's when the thought first came to me. I could use the floral's and items she left me and use them to create my own works of art in her memory and share them for other photographers to use as well. So, Nature's Tapestries was born. 

So now, while little Gage has kept me up at night, he sits in his seat and watches as I work on props. So if you are looking for some Spring props or if you know a photographer looking for some, send them to our page at Nature's Tapestries


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