Codorus Blast ~ Vintage Minis are now booking!

May 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

So that time of year has rolled around where I am preparing for the Annual Codorus Blast. This is a awesome event and a great way to catch up with my clients who come to spend the day with their children at the Blast.

Fore those who don't know about it. The Friends of Codorus State Park (same group that does trick or treat in the park) puts on the annual Codorus Blast. This event is held for three days, Friday thru Sunday, and usually over Father's day weekend. The have many giveaways, games, booths, and entertainers each year that come out for this family fun event. And the best part, fireworks! I always recommend this event to my clients as it not only a fun way to get out in the sun, but it also gives them a chance to save some $$ on amazing deals.  Cause lets face it, we all love to save money!

This year for the Codorus Blast I believe I outdid myself. Each year I normally set up a theme for summer mini  sessions to hold while at the blast, (which let my tell you is a trick all on it's own to figure out a theme and props that will work with the Blast, lol).

For these summer minis I will be going Vintage. (If that wasn't enough to spark some interest this sure will) We custom build a Floral Swing for the girls. This swing is amazing and looks adorable with my floral crown prop and vintage dresses. (Just check it out in action, below).

But that leaves our boys right? Well, for the boys I am taking a step back into the 1940's and 50's. Think sandlot, The Babe, Coca Cola & Newspaper boy look. I will be bringing a lot of old time props for the boys and will be allowing Mom & Dad to choose the route they want to take with their son(s). No matter what the choice, it will be a super adorable result!

So don't hesitate, be sure you reserve your mini session before they are gone. Reserve your spot here.

And as always, in addition to the Mini sessions I will be doing the on location $5 4x6 prints and offering some amazing deals, but I'm not spilling the details on those just yet, you'll just have to wait for the blast and come visit our booth :).





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