Imagination Sessions with Chrissy Smith Photography!

January 22, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Last year we opened our studio to a new and exciting type of session, the Imagination Session. This session was based off of our clients own fantasies and brought their visions to life in a Composite image. In the past Mermaids seem to be one of my most popular requests. However, even though I love a good mermaid composite, these are not the only type of composite images I create.

Composites are made not only for imagination sessions, but are also offered with many other types of portrait sessions. Take this fall portrait for instance. This lovely little lady had posed perfectly for me to add in this adorable little fox, giving the illusion of her reaching out to pet the fox.

In this portrait, our clients daughter was walking hand in hand with her little brother when he stumbled and fell down. This photo wouldn't have made the cute for my client gallery, however with a little composite work and vision, Little Red Riding Hood is born.

Composite work can even be found in Newborn Portraits. Take this image for example of this adorable baby being held by a mother elephant.

Or even this little doll in this adorable "Love" flower bed.

So for 2019, I have sweetened the pot with my Imagination Sessions. Instead of the separate packages I am now offering one single session package for $175. The imagination session includes a 30 minute session, 1 composite image, 1-8x10" print, 2-5x7" prints, 2-4x6" prints, and 8 wallets. Also included in this session is a lo-resolution watermarked digital image for sharing.

Additional Composite images are available for the price of $125 each. I am also offering the option to purchase digital copies and printing rights for $75/per composite. (These prices are only in addition to the Imagination Sessions).

Composite images made in addition to a "regular" portrait session are available for purchase for $125.


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