{Ashley Payne} Children's Portraits

October 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

So we meet again, dear blog readers!

The topic of discussion for today is none other than the Payne children, a lovely clan from Hanover, PA. If the names or faces look familiar to you, it's because I've photographed this family before.

However so much changes in such a small amount of time, Cheyenne has grown so big since they were last in front of my lens for Christmas Mini's last year. So, I was super excited when I got a call from Ashley saying she wanted to book a session with their children. It's amazing to know to know that they enjoyed my work as much as I enjoyed working with them!

From oldest to youngest, we have Brynleigh {who is an amazing big sister} and Cheyenne {which adores her older sister, I mean just look at the pics, can you not feel the sisterly bond?}.

As expected, Mom did a wonderful job preparing them for our session. Those dresses were to die for! There is nothing cutier then matching outfits and your choice was amazing. Great job Ashley.

I knew it wouldn't be any different this time around with rocking this shoot. And I was right! Check it out for yourself:



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