The results are in {Shoot & Share Contest}

April 09, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

So as many of you know. I entered for the first time into a World Wide Photography Contest, The Shoot & Share Contest. What I thought was a National Contest turned out to be much larger then I thought with thousands of photographer's entering and millions of photos competing.

For my first year entering such a contest, I was honored to even make it past the first round of eliminations. There were so many beautiful images entered and I honestly didn't feel I had a chance. However as the contest drew to and end and the results were release I was more then excited to learn that over half my photos made it into the Top 50%, a few in the Top 40%, Top 30% & even Top 10%!

This was such a great experience and I am excited for next years competition! Take a look at some of my images and their rankings below.



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