Mommy & Me - Part 2 {Kelli Weaver}

May 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

"Being a Mother,

is learning about strengths you didn't know you had.

And dealing with fears, you never knew existed."


With being a mother of two myself, Motherhood is always on my mind. It's a powerful, complicated, wonderful force.  The bond between mother and child is incredible and one worth celebrating. So, every year I offer Mommy & Me Mini Sessions that I hold in the Spring just in time for Mother's Day that are designed to do just that. Celebrate Motherhood.

This mom, however touched my heart in a whole nother level.

Meet Kelli and her son Lyric. Kelli and I have known each other for years. Even though some time had passed I had tried to stay in touch from time to time to keep up on how her and her family were doing.  Shortly after touching base with Kelli, I had learned about her husband diagnosis with Cancer. This filled me with dread as I had lived through my own dealing with Cancer with my own mom. But to know Kelli and her son were dealing with it in their own home with her husband broke my heart. By the time by schedule opened up to where I could reach out and try to capture some last family portraits of the 3 of them together it was too late. Nick, her amazing husband had taken a turn for the worst and within the week had lost his battle.  Kelli, being the amazing mom she is, had Lyric on her mind. She knew she had to be strong for him. Nothing can prepare you for certain things in life, but being a mother, having that sense of motherhood, brings out strengths you never knew you could possess. You can clearly see the amazing bond between Lyric and his mom. Not to mention the strength this beautiful woman possess is of a Goddess.

Since Nicks passing Kelli and Lyric have spent some of their time dedicated to a fund raiser they have created in their beloved Nick's memories. Just this year they held a golf tournament for another local father fighting Cancer. Their selfless acts to help others out of their own experiences are amazing and heart warming.

So when I had the chance to finally get this amazing lady in front of my lens, I wanted to make sure I gave her the best I had, because she deserved the best. I am very happy to share these incredible images from her session below.

RIP Nick Weaver


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