Chrissy Smith Photography - We're Moving!! - Fairfield, Pa

February 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Well, the news is OUT …we are moving to FAIRFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA!! My sweet family and I are making the big move. But before I share more about the new place and all those fun details, I figured I should first share how this BIG decision came to be. So let’s rewind a couple years back shall we?

We have had it on our hearts to move out of our current little home for YEARS. Those who know us well have heard us talk about it at some point, especially the last year or so. With the growing of our family (welcoming Raelee in 2012 & then baby Gage in 2018) and the growing of the business, this was becoming more and more of an necessity to keep Chrissy Smith Photography growing. We specifically were looking for a place where not only did our family have room to grow (as in space, no more babies for this mommy! lol) but so did Chrissy Smith Photography. So we set out in search. We initially were hoping to find something a little more rural, but in the same area (New Oxford). However, after searching for a while we were hitting nothing but dead ends. So we expanded our search, continuing to look in Adams county and even looking into York county. We did find some really nice places, however none seemed to have everything we were looking for.

Finally one night, I ended up coming across a listing on Facebook (go figure right). So I reached out asking for some more information. The house is a beautiful older farmhouse with plenty of room for our family, 10 acres of land which would be amazing for our outdoor life, hobbies, and shoot locations, and a large 3 bay garage that would be PERFECT for the new Chrissy Smith Photography Studio.

Upon more interest and talking we did run into a few hiccups, but in the end they were well worth it.  Especially for our now forever home and new location of Chrissy Smith Photography. I am super excited for this adventure as it opens up so many new opportunities for Chrissy Smith Photography. Not to mention the amazing shooting locations close to the new place as well.

The exact date of moving has not been set yet as we still need to sell our current home, however we are looking late spring early summer. 

We will be holding sessions in our current studio until the move date, which we will then be doing newborn sessions in our temp studio. Chrissy Smith Photography will also still be attending Codorus Blast 2020. However this may be our last year doing so. The Summer Trellis Mini's will still be offered as well, the only difference is our booth will be a 10 x 10 spot instead of the 10 x 20. All other mini sessions will be going on as planned, with an exception of the Christmas Mini's which will be happening in our new studio!!!

And for those of my client's who are worried that the new location may be a little too far. If you are a current or past client, I will not be charging travel fee's for the first year at our new location (as long as the locations are still within the 30 min of our new oxford studio). So if you wish to still shoot at one of the usual locations, we can still do so :)

I am really excited to share this tremendous jump with all my fans, friends, clients, and followers. So once we have completed the new studio, which we are thinking will be 6 months. You can bet we will be hosting our very first Chrissy Smith Photography open house!



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