BS excuses that keep you from experiencing a Boudoir Session

November 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I have been shooting Boudoir enough where I have heard it all. With so many women comparing themselves to the women on my website and social platforms, not realizing they ARE those women. Everyone you see is a real person just like you who has their own insecurities.

Yeah, they do look amazing... and sexy AF, but guess what??? If you put your fears aside and come in to see me. That could be you as well. I decided to make a blog post about the most common excuses I have heard in the industry when it comes to women talking themselves out of Boudoir.

#1 BS Excuse:

"I need to lose weight first"

BULLSHIT. Says who? Why?  EVERY person has weight and body esteem issues. Boudoir is about empowerment. And empowerment and confidence is for everyone. I have photographed  every size and body type and they are all equally stunning. Boudoir is a way to see yourself in a way you never have before, especially if you  have only seen yourself through a scale.

#2 BS Excuse:

“I’m not sexy”

Ok so this one makes me laugh because I feel the same way. I am TERRIBLE in front of the camera and make the worst facial expressions. (I have severe RBF lmao)

But, here's the thing, there is no reason to worry! I pose you from your hands to your toes. Literally. Not everyone is a model and even if they were I don’t just show up and click the camera. I set up the Studio, the outfit ,the pose, and your facial expression. Not to be cocky, but I am a PRO at posing and why I stand out in this industry. You are totally sexy, you just need me to walk you through it!

#3 BS Excuse:

”I don’t have anyone to give sexy photos to”

Yes, you do. YOU.

Boudoir is a gift for yourself, always. I have clients come in only doing this for a gift for a special someone sometimes, and come back to tell me that they discovered how much of a gift it actually was for themselves. You never NEED anyone's approval to feel good about yourself and enjoy something of your own.

#4 BS Excuse:

”I'm too old”

Whatever! I have photographed women even approaching their 70’s. Age is truly only a number. If you have waited this long already to celebrate your temple of a body, why wait any longer?

#5 BS Excuse:

”I can’t afford it”

We can always afford things if we really want it. For some maybe its a Starbucks in the morning, or keeping up with manicures, or beautiful tattoo sleeves, maybe you really like Kate Spade handbags. There is a lot of value in hiring a professional photographer who specializes in boudoir. I get it, and it can be expensive, but it is totally worth it and totally affordable and here is why: I offer payment plans. Whaaaatttttt!? I know right?!

You can book a date a year from now if you wanted to, and do pre-payments as low as you want. Or you can come see me now and split up your payments so you have that special gift by next Christmas etc. I want you to have this experience and if all up front is impossible, we work with you 100%.


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