Why does Boudoir cost so much?

November 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Boudoir is not your typical JC Penny or Walmart photo session, and it shouldn't be compared to it either.

While some may associate Boudoir with soft porn, it's not. Rather, its an intimate, private method of expression. As such it is a special, intimate style of photography that requires intricate attention to detail to give the subjects a very special experience. As well as something that is classic and timeless they can be proud of for years to come.

Rather than being into the Walmart Studio or an amateur's side hustle, boudoir is the only type of photography that connects the client with themselves on a deeply personal level. It's celebrating yourself in a manner that was ignored or neglected for many years due to other commitments and responsibilities. Boudoir is focused on self-care, empowerment, recovery, and celebrating the best version of yourself. It's done for yourself or gift to your intimate partner. Your investing in yourself in a way that will pay for itself.

All in all I will be blunt. You get what you pay for. For those of you, like me, who have body art, you pay for quality. I can't recall the amount of women who have had previous "boudoir" sessions with another photographer and hated it. Most commonly saying they felt rushed, had no guidance, posing was horrible and didn't help highlight their best features.

They were hired because they were cheap and in the end the client was dissatisfied.

A good boudoir photographer is trained in understanding the complex vulnerabilities of human emotion. We are your biggest supporter in making you feel empowered and secure in the skin your in. No matter age, size, or demographic, you deserve to feel amazing.

People pay what they feel value in. For example a $1200 iPhone is way out of a lot of peoples price range, yet many people find a way to pay for that phone. The most common way with a payment plan. Boudoir Photography is the same way.

The planning and prep that is done behind the scenes takes a great deal of investment and capital. A good competent Boudoir Photographer will have a professional Hair and Makeup artist included. Some photographers even include lingerie for clients while others don't. Studio location rentals and set ups are also not cheap. Custom albums, wall art, shipping costs, editing software, and equipment makeup a good chunk of expenses. Little novel items such as gift bags begin to add up. Do you want to take pictures with our Lux couture wings? Those cost the photographer. Do you want photos with those amazing sets? You guessed it, it all takes money. And it's all coming out of the photographer's pocket. Travel, licensing fees add up as well. Want to recreate a look you saw from pinterest? The photographer is continually researching and purchasing supplies to make your photo-shoot the best experience ever. Marketing, running ads and other overhead costs are all the expenses photography businesses have to pay. And this doesn't include making a living to feed their family, pay the bills, and provide a decent quality of life for themself. 

While some people retort with "I just want the digitals to print somewhere else." Do you really want to take your photos to your neighborhood Walgreens or Walmart for some random stranger looking at you in various stages of undress? Also some print companies will not print your photos due to the varying degrees of nudity. Remember earlier that I said some people view Boudoir as porn? Well unless you know a boudoir friendly print shop you might get rejected.

For a JC Penny or Walmart session, while you show up with your matching outfits for your family portraits they are not making your session customized and unique. It's the same backdrop, no assistance in posing, no adjustments to the lighting, like McDonald's, it's point, shoot, go, next customer. The amount of training a photographer does to get the lighting, posing, and lines right for your specific body type is another expense. A true artist will invest in ensuring your session is an amazing experience.

You get what you pay for in life. While some things are available in a Ritz Cracker budget, moments of self-care and love should be a Ritz Carlton experience. A Chrissy Smith Boudoir experience is definitely the latter. When you are ready for the best photographer to bring this experience to life for you, give me a ring, and lets set up a consultation and talk to see if we are a good fit for each other...


Do you, Be you, Love you!


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