Chrissy Smith Photography Update

March 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

To all my faithful followers,

I want to apologize for my absence over the past few months. I will fully admit, Covid took us for a ride when everything shut down, and it has been like climbing Mt. Everest to get back to where I was. It has also made me sit back and reassess my business, where I want to be, what I want to do, etc (No worries, I will never give up on my photography).

When we moved last April, my original plan was to finish half the garage on our property and turn that into my studio. Then covid shutdowns struck, and like many small businesses we were forced to use what we had saved for business upgrades to pay bills and get buy. Leaving us back at square one on the Studio. I continued to shoot outdoors at the numerous beautiful locations around our studio and even on our studio property, but that still didn't seem to make me extremely happy with where I was in my career. Then, we had our second shut down. With the holiday's coming up and so many people suffering with loosing their jobs and not having extra money for photos. It was hard, and probably one of my worst holiday seasons since opening my business. This really made me sit back and take in my situation.

It had already been on my mind for a while as to what I really wanted to shoot. I wanted to pick a niche and stick with it, but in all honesty, I was scared. What if the niche I choose is wrong and I fall on my face and the business fails? What would my family think? I didn't want to fail my business or my family... or myself for that matter. 

As I spoke to my hubs more then once, he finally talked me into taking the leap. "Telling me, you'll never know if you don't try." So, for two weeks in late Jan. Eric and I took action into our own hands and turned the temp studio, office, and storage room into my new Boudoir Studio.

That's right, Boudoir Studio. I will continue to do other types of photography on the side for now, but my attention for the most part will now be focused on growing my boudoir studio and brand. Why Boudoir? Well, you see... when you shoot many different types of photography you start to burn out. And the love you feel for photography turns more and more into "just get it done" attitude. This is not where I wanted to be. I love photography, I love being creative, and I love giving all of my ability into my work to create amazing work for my clients. So when I saw that waver, I knew it was time to pick a niche. Something that made me happy, something that made me excited to shoot, and gave me something to look forward to.

Boudoir does that for me. It allows me to be creative all while making people feel amazing with my talent. Empowering women to see the real woman they really are and just how beautiful she is. That is just as uplifting for me as it is my client, and I love it.




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