Take a peek into the New Boudoir Studio!

March 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

As you all read in my last blog post, I turned my temp studio (see below "before pics") into my new Boudoir Studio. **insert happy dance here**

This was a interesting undertaking but in the end I am super stoaked about the results, not to mention. I have already had a number of AWESOME Boudie sessions in the new Studio!

As you can see below, the process of removing walls and rebuilding was a messy situation.

After the walls were removed separating the office from storage room and office from the studio, it was time to make the new wall that would be closing in the new Studio Bathroom.

Finishing the drywall, mudding, sanding, a bit of paint and trim.... and we had a whole new studio!

With several different sets including the bedroom corner and my egg chair set, I am in LOVE with how the studio turned out. And how the finished session images are coming out as well!

So without further ado... I present a sneak peek into the NEW Chrissy Smith Photography Boudoir Studio!

With a little down time from finishing the studio and getting some of my first shoots done in studio, I am officially holding my Virtual Grand Opening this Friday from 4-6pm! 

I cannot wait to share all the accomplishments and steps in the right direction with everyone. And hope to see everyone in our LIVE Friday!


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