Mother day Boudoir Session?!? Why not spoil mom for the day?

April 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Mother's day is just around the corner, and soon people will be hitting the stores in search for something good for the amazing woman who seems to endlessly put others before herself (YOU).

So this year, why not spoil yourself on Mother's Day. I mean isn't that what Mother's Day is about? Soiling mom and letting her recharge her inner batteries for another year of  washing clothes, dishes, cleaning the house, working, cooking dinner, keeping the kiddos alive.... the list goes on. I think it's safe to say all you mom's deserve a pampering dedicated around your awesome self. Lets face it, how many times a year do you put yourself first and get to be placed in the spotlight? If your anything like me, the answer to that is a big fat NEVER. Sure, I get my hair done once every two months. But I'm lucky to get a "it looks nice," or "did you do something to your hair today". Lol, certainly not a confidence booster.

SO why not do a Boudoir for Mother's Day? Why not celebrate you this year? Celebrate how awesome you are and have some photos to prove to yourself every day, you are one amazing, self confident, beautiful, stunning, warrior, who has gone through the amazing experience of bringing another life into this world and still kicks ass at everything.




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