Sexy things you have in your closet right now for your Boudoir Session

April 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Many girls think they have to run out and get new lingerie for their boudoir sessions. But in truth I can guarantee you already have at least 5 of these sitting in that closet already.

Let's take a look shall we?


1. Lingerie.

Of course lingerie would be on my list. I am a boudoir photographer after all. But think about it, you already have your favorite set of bra and undies in your drawers. And I’m pretty sure your man has a favorite one too. You may have different styles like all white or all black, red, lace, soft cotton, pastel colors and more. You can go for a more fresh and airy look with pastels or a more dark romantic look with deep reds, wine and black colors.

2. His White Button-Down/Dress Shirt

Believe it or not, men are simple creatures when it comes to women. However, nothing really gets their heart racing then their lady in one of their shirts. This is a classic that can pull off so many poses as well. From leaving a few buttons open to tying it in a knot over your bust. And if you really want to spice things up, maybe even do a shower type look in the white shirt making it cling to you are show a little more.

3. A Slip Dress

Grab your sexy nightgown. It's super silky and coverts into a slip dress. It's tight and hugs your every curve, accentuating you best ass-sets ;) and what he secretly loves.

4. Robe/Oversized Sweater

Nothing like feeling sexy and comfy all at once. Your robe is the perfect addition to seduce your man with a peek of skin here or there. Or really wow him with that super comfy sweater you love to snuggle in on the cold nights.

5. Sports Shirt or Band Tee

Nothing says I love you then wearing his favorite team or repping his favorite band while rocking a thong. Add in a simple prop (football, bat, guitar, etc) and you will be rocking his world.




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