Places to display your boudoir photos that won't shock your mother.

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I offer many different ways to preserve and present your photos. From albums and digitals, to passepartouts and wall art. However, one qualm that we would like to address is, “Where would you put an enlarged photo of yourself in lingerie?” This is actually something that I came across after my boudoir session. Hanging up an implied nudity photo over my couch would not impress my in-laws; however, I am sure my husband wouldn’t complain (lol). There is so much time, thought and nervous sweating that goes into a boudoir session and some may feel that putting these images in an album tucked away is a waste. I mean, obviously all of our clients look sexy AF so why not display your photos proudly on your wall so you can be reminded of this. Every. Single. Day.

So let’s talk about location, location location!

1. The Bedroom

This is the most obvious choice! The bedroom is where all the magic happens so, naturally, displaying your boudoir photos here would be the safest place. Perhaps placing them on a wall that is not immediately noticed as soon as you open your bedroom door would be a good idea if you have a nosey guest (or kids). I put my boudoir photos right next to my full-length mirror so I can be reminded how amazing I look every day (and to remind my husband ;) ).

2. The Master Bathroom

This would probably be the second-most private place in your home, the master bathroom. Girl, listen. . . if you have a soaking tub with wall space above it. . . I cannot think of a more perfect place to admire one’s naked self. Most would argue that boudoir photos are for your significant other. I, however, find it as a great confidence and self-esteem booster. Display your photos not only where he will see and enjoy them. . . you should enjoy them too!

3. The Walk-In Closet

If you want to keep your photos under wraps from nosey guests and children, consider using your photos as the centerpiece for your walk-in closet. The word "Boudoir" in French does mean a woman's private sitting room. So maybe the place where you keep all your styling clothes and shoes may be the perfect location for a enlarged empowering photo of yourself.

4. The Man Cave

When your man just needs to escape and get away from it all, why not give him a reminder of the gorgeous woman he is with? Some of my clients gift their products to their hubby. So it would only make sense to hang them up where he can enjoy them. I mean, I would much rather have a sexy photo of me on the wall, then some stranger for him to gawk at, am i right?

5. The Home Office

This one may require a little more bravery or just the right photo. The home office may be the perfect location to display your boudoir photos discreetly. Hey, it may just be the right amount of motivation for your hubby to get his work done quicker! Whatever, the work is done in your home office, perhaps an empowering boudoir photo can create inspiration and creativity on the worst of days.


When dreaming about your boudoir session, it’s hard not to think about what to do with the images afterward. If you have a specific location where you want to display your image or have an idea of how you want to be portrayed, let me know. I even have a program where we can add a photo of a room in your house and see exactly how your images would look on the wall in real life.




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