What a boudoir session really reveals..

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I have photographed many different genres over the years; Families, Newborns, Children... and each type is very special to me. But boudoir is something that has become one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because I am getting older and appreciate the changes a woman goes through with motherhood and the changes in their body. But, Making a woman look and feel beautiful is the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done. It’s the greatest gift to have a client look at her images and feel truly beautiful. 

So, in this post I wanted to reveal some truths about boudoir. So you can feel confident booking with me, and in what you are truly signing up for:

Boudoir is about having a positive emotional experience.

  • It's a common misconception that boudoir is akin to porno, and that you have to be nude. Ladies, this is far from what truly happens at my sessions. It's about feeling confident in your own skin, and feeling like a woman. Boudoir can be incredibly healing for a woman going through a hard time in her life or health, and it can bring out your natural confidence. It's technically not a sexual type of photography, however, there is no shame in feeling sexy!

It is for EVERY body type!

  • Let's say this one together. There is NO ONE body type that is perfect for boudoir. It is not about being a Victoria Secret model. Everyone has insecurities with different parts of their bodies. Heck I just posted about one of mine on the VIP group page not that long ago. Whether your rocking tiger stripes after having children, you may not love your tummy, thighs, or tush. With years of experience, I have learned how to flatter everyone’s shape with posing and styling. That way, you can embrace and love yourself, because you are beautiful just the way you are!

It’s normal to be a little nervous

  • Nearly every client feels those nerves of getting so vulnerable in front of the camera! It's natural. This is why you should look for a photographer who is compassionate, caring, and someone who can relate. I have insecurities with my body just like any other woman and I have been through the different stages in life being a larger woman o being smaller and every size in between. So I relate to every woman who walks into my studio, and I never judge. It is my job to celebrate your beauty and empower you to have fun, and feel your best! I will also help you pose, so you don’t need to be stressed about “not knowing” what to do. I never ask a client to do anything they’re not comfortable with, and I will demonstrate poses when possible. I also carefully style you so everything is right before I take the photos.

We make sure you look amazing!

  • It is not all about the lingerie. Sadly, this is often a source of stress to some clients (I think it comes off much like bathing suit shopping, lol). You can be rest assured, when you book with me, you will receive a lingerie guide which will walk you through the best choices for your body type. It outlines which bras are best, and the different items you can bring to get a variety of looks. Some of the sexiest shots are in off-the-shoulder sweaters or team jerseys! I have a style consult with each client a few weeks before the shoot so you feel completely prepared and comfortable! We also provide professional hair and makeup, which also is a chance for you to feel pampered and relaxed (and one less thing for you to think about). Our makeup artist uses airbrush makeup which gives you that flawless look!

We never distribute your images without permission

  • Many clients wonder what happens to their very personal images after the shoot. I never share these with anyone without your express written consent, so you can feel confident I protect your privacy. These are YOUR images, and sharing them is your choice!

Boudoir is about REAL women. They are women in all stages of life, and going through all kinds of different circumstances. They come in to do portraits for all kinds of reasons: empowerment, confidence, celebration, healing, for a loved one, or just to experience something new and fun for themselves.

Boudoir is for YOU, and you’re worth it!


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