Why I include professional hair and makeup with your boudoir session.

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Professional Hair and Makeup is a MUST for your Boudoir Session.


When you think of any professional portrait of yourself, you want to look your best, right? SO, when I started planning out my Boudoir Experience for the new studio, I knew including the BEST Professional Hair and Makeup artists was a MUST. Not just for my brand, but for YOU, my clients. You want to feel your best, it just makes sense to have to best of the BEST creating that beautiful look for you. There are probably thousands of reasons that I hire Professional Hair and Makeup Artists for your shoot, but here are just a few:

1. Confidence Boost.

There is nothing like the immediate confidence boost from getting your hair and makeup done by someone that knows what they are doing. There are very few women who have the confidence, knowledge and talent to say that they FULLY trust their own hair and makeup application skills. Heck, I know I don't, and I even thought about taking a course or two lol. Most women are at best average with their hair and makeup application, and that's OKAY. It's exactly the reason why there are people who's primary full time job is to have this product and application knowledge. I hire a professional hair and makeup artist to ensure that you not only look your very best, but you will FEEL like you look your very best. A professional hair and makeup artist will know which products to use and which styles will look best for you. The professional Hair and Makeup artist will ensure that not only will you look your best, but it photograph best and it will stay put for your session. The last think you want is makeup that smears and lashes that lift. The professional Hair and Makeup artists I hire have film knowledge. They will make you look amazing for you and for ME - to ensure that you will LOVE your portraits.

2. Less Stress.

Less stress for you & me. My hair and makeup professionals come to my studio for you. They all run successful businesses but will bring their business to me JUST FOR YOU. This is important for several reasons. First, you have your hands full with packing and planning. The last thing you need is be worrying about the ever changing Pennsylvania weather ruining your curls. My hair and makeup professionals will be at my studio before you arrive, waiting to make you FEEL like the masterpiece that you are. You will receive all the pampering of 45 to 60 minutes in my hair and makeup chair. These artists will create an amazing full face makeup application with lashes and a beautiful hair style will will last through all the posing. And best of all, you get to just sit there and enjoy the experience. So relaxing. It's nice to be pampered.

3. Less Edits.

Professional Hair and Makeup artists ensure better hair and makeup for you, and less edits for me. The better you look in camera, the more you will love your portraits and feel like yourself when you look at them each and every time. You will also feel more confident sharing and displaying your final images knowing that it looks just like YOU, and not a photo-shopped version of yourself.

4. Enjoy a little pampering.

It's not everyday that you treat yourself to a full face of makeup and a head of perfectly styled hair. When it's time for your boudoir session at Central Pennsylvania's premier Boudoir studio, Chrissy Smith Photography, we think you deserve it. No one can deny how much easier it is and better you feel when you let a professional help you get all dolled up. You are going to hold onto these photos forever, meaning that you will want to be confident about how amazing you look each and every time you pull out your portrait album. When you invest in a session with Chrissy Smith Photography, I invest in the BEST hair and makeup professionals for you. Because you deserve it. You deserve a day to feel like the most beautiful you. 

5. Say goodbye to those Nerves.

Everyone shows up nervous. EVERYONE. Even the women who were here before. There is always a little self doubt that I won't be able to see the beautiful woman you are with my camera. But those are lies every time. The area of my studio for hair and makeup is in our luxurious bath/wardrobe room. While you are in the chair, feel free to check out our Boudie Wall, with polaroid snap shots of all our all star Boudoir Babes and their words of support to all my other clients. For an hour you get pampered while listening to your favorite music, and I'm prepping for our session. We're hanging out chit chatting about life. You will feel like you had the needed girl time a lot of us crave, especially during this icky pandemic. It's a good feeling. You feel great about YOU and that feeling gives you the confidence to start your boudoir shoot like a glamorous rock-star. By the time it's time to start, you are ready and you are excited.

6. Extra Bonus

There are two more extra benefits to having your session photographed at Chrissy Smith Photography. First up, your style will be set to last all day, not just a few hours in my beautiful studio. This means that if you schedule a 9am shoot with me, your partner can plan a romantic evening for the both of you. Or you can plan an exciting adventure with your girlfriends. The most important thing to remember is this look is yours, until you scrub it off.




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