Bringing sexy back....

June 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


I know I have said this time and time again, but ladies....  YOU CANNOT LOSE YOUR SEXY!

"Sexy" people do certain things... and those thing, just enhance the appeal you already have.

We all want to look good - right? But does it mean starving yourself or hitting up the gym every chance you get? No. Ha! Take me for example, I try to work out 10 minutes every day, I do a small fitness video and can do great with it. However, I tend to get sidetracked with kids, or lucky me, when aunt flo comes to visit. And next thing you know it's been weeks since I last worked out LMAO.

Okay, so if we aren't working out how do we get sexy?

Sex appeal. How can you achieve this? Think about it. Whether you're trying to score a date or simply feeling better about yourself, we all have these thoughts.

The first thing to do: BE YOURSELF. Don't try to be something your not. Be confident in who you are and own it! Confidence in yourself speaks wonders.

Okay, so you're not up-to-date on fashion trends. That's okay! We believe fashion stems from personalities. The main thing you want to aim for is being comfortable. When you're cozy, you can be yourself and relax. Have a friend help you decide what compliments you the most!

POV: No matter who you are, cleanliness is key. Personal grooming matters and does wonders for your appearance. Take some time to style your hair, trim your nails and pluck those stray brows. Not saying take this to the max but have you ever noticed the different look or reactions you get from when you have that messy mom bun and sweats on vs when you did your hair, makeup, and actually took some time to choose something to wear?

Last but not least - SMILE. That is your best accessory. A happy person is more approachable and personable. A little love and laughter go a long way!!!


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