Trend Alert: Bodysuits

June 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

There's so much more to boudoir than just being in the nude. Sexy isn't defined by what you don't wear - it's the emotions, the posing, and the feel of it all. When it comes to finding something comfortable to wear and still feeling beautiful, we have an answer for you.


You shouldn't feel on the fence about boudoir if clothing is what's holding you back. Bodysuits are coming in hot, and they're to die for. You see them almost everywhere nowadays. These hot one-pieces come in a variety of fun styles, patterns, colors, and cuts. Everyone needs this modern staple in their wardrobe.

Why do we love them so much? Easy; they flatter everyone! We mean that. If you're uncomfortable with your stomach region... bodysuit. If you want to be somewhat modest... bodysuit. If you don't want your back to show... bodysuit.

There are loads of questions we are asked when it comes to these: Do you wear undies with them? How do I wear them? What types of bottoms should I wear with them? How do I use the bathroom in one? Why do they look like swimsuits?

You know how baby onesies snap at the bottoms? These do the same thing - making your bathroom trips not-so-complicated. Unlike a romper, there's no need to take it completely off. The whole purpose of a bodysuit is to provide a seamless, tightened, and tuck-in look. Suppose you are considering wearing one during your boudoir session. In that case, there are typically two different bottom styles: Thong and full coverage.

There are endless varieties of colors and styles out there, from lace, see-through, leather, office-casual, and so much more. They are straightforward, and you can mix and match any type of bottoms with them, such as skirts, shorts, capris, or jeans. It's entirely up to you.

You don't have to wear a bra or underwear with them, thank goodness! When it comes to posing, we must say it maximizes the session to make it hotter than hot! We love seeing seductive wall or chair posing with these. Legs are always accentuated and elongated - trust us!



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