You don't need to change anything about you before your boudoir!

May 31, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


As I was sitting in my bath relaxing the other evening, I just so happened to think about how I haven’t shaved my legs... in a week.
This automatically had me feeling I needed to shave the forest down - but stopped to think… you know what? THAT’S FREAKING FINE. The world didn’t end because of my hairy legs, did it?! In truth, I had been so busy I didn't even think about it, until that moment in the tub.

BUT, my stubbly legs got me thinking about my business and how most women wouldn’t be caught dead without shaving their legs at their session. Or just in general. But in truth, it’s just hair. I meant body hair is normal. And who does my hair effect? Literally nobody. And I’m fine and comfortable in my body in this moment and THAT is what matters.

I know you’re thinking, why are you telling me this Chrissy?! But truthfully, it's not just about the body hair. It’s about our bodies in general, and being okay with where we are in this very moment. It’s hard and I completely 100% understand that. I have so many women afraid of SO many different things before booking their experience. 

They want to lose weight.
They want to tan away their complexion.
They want to shave / wax their entire body.
They want to dye their grays away.
They want to get a mole removed.
They want to get plastic surgery.
And the list goes on… and on… and on…

But it’s important to remember that Boudoir is about loving the YOU RIGHT NOW. What does that mean? It means embracing every single part of you that exists. Body hair. Stretch marks. Gray hairs. Chunky thighs. Thin thighs. Stubbly legs. And everything in-between.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot do any and all of the things above, but the important thing to know is that IT IS NOT REQUIRED for you to book a session or for you to feel beautiful. If these things help you see your own beauty, just like getting your makeup on in the AM, or doing your hair.

PLEASE if you do these things, do them for yourself. But know you NEVER need to change unless you want to do it just for you.

Please also promise me that you will NEVER allow something that makes us human stop you from booking your Experience. You are beautiful just how you are in this moment & I would be honored to show you that.

If you have questions about an Experience, let’s chat!
Talk soon, beautiful.



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