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So we have already covered what you can buy, now lets talk about the different options for buying them!

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So you know what you want to buy, now lets talk payments and the other unique options Chrissy Smith Photography offers to their clients! We understand this process can be a bit daunting, but our goal is to always make it as easy as possible for our clients to have the best experience ever!

Payment Plans

This is very commonly over analyzed and clients often get so confused about this. We offer a few options for getting everything you want but breaking up the total costs into smaller payments.

Paypal Credit: This is an option I highly recommend checking out! Its a 6 month zero percent interest credit line through paypal that allows you to pay me up front, receive your product quicker, and still allows you to make payments after the session. If you like this route, apply for it well before your session so you know how much your spending limit it!

In-House Payment Plan: We offer a break up to your product order, in house. We do have a few guidelines to explain!

  • No products will be ordered until the entire invoice is paid in full.

  • A minimum 1/3 down payment must be paid to begin the payment plan. This is typically the first payment for the payment plan

  • You can break up the payments up to 6 months (however, I am willing to work with clients needs).

  • The payments can be broken up in half/third/quarters, monthly, bi monthly, or every other week. We are very flexible on how you break up the payments

  • You fully choose when the due dates are for the payments. We love helping you plan around pay days.

  • You are responsible for making the payments on time. You will be emailed a reminder 2 days before its due. We allow up to 5 days past due before a $25 late payment will be applied. This late payment is applied to each time a payment is late.

  • If you miss 3 payments, with zero communication to us to restructure the payment plan, then your payment plan will be canceled, and you will have to pay the remainder in full.

My goal for offering payment plan options is to make everything as easy and flexible for you! You can have payment plans started as early as you booking your session! The earlier you start the payment plan the sooner you receive your products!

Prepayment Bonuses

So we talked about payment plans, but lets talk about my favorite thing, prepayment bonuses! Are you the gal who loves getting free stuff?! This is also going to be your favorite thing too!

If you choose to pay off your product order by the date of your session, including having a payment plan set to be paid off by the date of your session, you get to choose free things to add on to your experience!

Bombshell Collection (Or equal/more A La Carte order) - You choose 3 Bonuses

Vixen Collection (Or equal/more A La Carte order) - You choose 2 Bonuses

Siren Collection (Or equal/more A La Carte order) - You choose 1 Bonus

Here is a list of our free bonuses you get to choose from!

  • Personal Shopping Assistance (either in person or online via zoom to screen share and shop online)

  • Next-Day Viewing Appointment

  • Angel Wings Rental for your shoot

  • 3 Professional Head shots

  • Claw foot Tub Set

  • Outdoors

  • Album Cover Upgrade

  • 10 extra images in your Album

  • Crystal USB for purchased digital images

  • 8x12" two-image folio

The sooner we set up your order, the sooner we get to pick which bonuses you’d love to add! We do require some be settled on early, like our next-day viewing, outdoor sets, etc so we have time to plan for them, but there is so many that can happen at the session, or afterwards!

We love spoiling our clients, if you haven’t figured that out yet ;)


This concludes our Product Series!


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