The Boudoir Experience, from start to finish.

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Let's talk about the Boudoir Experience.

The Boudoir Session Experience for many girls is a GREAT mystery. If you are a first timer to Boudoir Photography, you have a lot questions.  And if your first Boudoir experience was one of those awful Boudoir Marathons where you were hanging out in your underwear with a bunch of strangers, then you really have a lot of questions.

I'm here here to help. Let me guide you through what an amazing life changing boudoir portrait experience should look and feel like. Are you ready to explore a Chrissy Smith Photography Boudoir Experience from start to finish? Let's Go!

Here's what we offer with every Session:

  • Chrissy's FREE phone consult which allows her to get a feel for what you are wanting to get from your session. As well as allows you to get a feel for her as a photographer.
  • Lingerie Guide to help plan and decide what lingerie you want for your shoot.
  • Welcome Client Guide, containing tips and tricks for rocking your experience as well as a day of shoot checklist.
  • Professional Hair Styling
  • Professional Full Face Makeup Application (including lashes!) Combined with hair styling you are pampered for 45-60 minutes with our Professional Hair and Makeup Artist!
  • 90 minute boudoir photo-shoot with Chrissy
  • Access to all indoor and outdoor sets! That's over seven sets to choose from!
  • Exclusive access to client closet and jewelry!
  • Professional Pose coaching from Chrissy herself. She will even show you the poses so there is nothing to worry about!
  • 1 hour viewing and ordering session
  • Membership in our Ladies only VIP FB group
  • Custom Professional Image Retouching


At South Central Pennsylvania's Premier boudoir studio, Chrissy Smith Photography, Planning is EVERYTHING. As soon as you select your day and time from our calendar, you will receive access to two key planning tools. The first is Chrissy's amazing Client Welcome Guide. This guide is packed full of information and tips to ensure an amazing boudoir experience. The Client Welcome Guide will guide you through how you dream of being photographed, tips on how to selecting outfits to wear for your session and help you plan every detail with a session checklist.

The second planning treat offered at Chrissy Smith Photography's Boudoir Studio is Chrissy's Lingerie guide. It's full of tips, tricks and even the best places to shop. This guide is full of lingerie magic.


Chrissy Smith Boudoir studio only works with the BEST of the BEST for your hair and your makeup. These artists come to the studio and are waiting for you when you arrive. When you arrive, they already know the look you want and help match the colors of your face palate to the amazing outfits you brought along with you.

You will will enjoy the pampering of a new look in hair and make up for at least 1 amazing hour in the studio before your session.


The walk through our client closet is a game changer. You can borrow glamorous accessories like jewelry, and Chrissy's awesome accessory collection. Or if you are a fast changer, you can add an entire outfit from the amazing lingerie pieces at the Chrissy Smith Photography Boudoir Studio. You can also borrow layering pieces like robes, or sheer skirts to add some new sparks to the outfits you brought along with you. We also stock cozy options like sweaters. You can also elect to wear the couture Angel Wings that were commissioned just for Chrissy at Chrissy Smith Boudoir Studio. They are glorious ivory or gold colored wings made with real ostrich feathers - guaranteed to make you feel like you are on the Victoria's Secret runway. They are amazing.


This is where the magic happens. You look amazing. You feel amazing. It's time for Chrissy to show you how truly valued and beautiful you are through this amazing portrait session. South Central Pennsylvania's premier boudoir studio is full of all the luxury and trendy set ups you dream of when you think about boudoir photography. Lots of sparkle, lots of silk and lots glamour. Chrissy will pose you in each outfit in multiple areas of the studio with and without layers to create a wonderful variety for the products you want to create.


How many will you choose? What will you create? You hold all the power. Get a few. Get them all. The best part is you get to decide. A week from your shoot you will come back to the Chrissy Smith Photography Boudoir Studio where she will reveal your amazing images to you! Chrissy will help you fit into the collection of your choice and select any gift items you'd like to create from your session. Chrissy Smith Photography offers a variety of albums, boxed images, wall art and novelty items sure to please anyone you are looking to surprise. The portraits are a keepsake from the amazing experience we offer at Chrissy Smith Photography Boudoir. Every time you walk past the art on your wall, you will feel empowered. You will feel valued and worthy of anything life throws your way. 

All images you select are professional retouched to Chrissy's high standards.

A message from Chrissy

Life is busy. It's easy to just stop believing all the loving things your partner says, replacing them in your head with things like, "oh you have to say that because we're married or because have been together for however many years". Trust me I get it. But, that doesn't make it less true. You look in that mirror every day and you just can't see it. As a woman, business owner, and mom myself, our views get clouded with the expectations placed on us for years by media and how we should look. We question our value, beauty, and our worth. Let me open your eyes to the amazing beautiful woman you are right now. Not 10 pounds from right now, right now. As you are. I can do that for you. And I can relight that flame of self-confidence to show the amazing woman you are! Will you let me?


XOXO ~Chrissy


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