Don't be scared!

January 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

A lot of client come to their Boudoir Experience a little scared. And that's totally okay.  As I’ve pointed out before, it’s totally normal to feel a little shy during your boudoir experience. I mean it's not every day you strip down for a stranger and placed into a pose feels particularly exposed or is something you wouldn’t normally do. Heck, even with the camera is right on top of you for some detail shots, I can totally see getting a little uncomfortable. But that's why you chose an amazing photographer for your boudoir photos. Trust the process. Chrissy knows what she’s doing and how to show you off. Let go a little, do as she asks, and I promise you will love the outcome.

Still a little unsure? Check out a few of her reviews here! Or check out her FB VIP Group filled with awesome ladies like yourself. Some of which are past clients, current clients, or even ladies just thinking of taking the step into their own Boudoir Experience!



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