New Year, not so new me!

January 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We all say it, “New Year, New Me!” Translating into, I'm going to change something about myself this year.

Well, as I look back over my personal life, my business, and my work I can truly say that I have grown but I am pretty much the same old me and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. At my core, I am still the person that I have always been. I enjoy laughing and having a good time. I’m a mom-boss who seems to be stressed more then not. I love food and when children allow a nice glass of wine. An artist, true and true, even to a fault. Emotional and sensitive, yet cold and abrasive at times. I care about others even to the detriment of myself and my own well being sometimes, and even in those moments I would still say that it was worth it.

As my first year of specializing in boudoir comes to a successful close, it feels I am opening a new chapter in my life. There was so much that went into building and restarting the business into boudoir last year that it was hard to sit back and really think on it. So to start 2022 I wanted to celebrate myself and my victories in the only way I would tell anyone else to celebrate themselves, with a bad ass boudoir session! That’s right, I did one too and it wont be the last! You can expect one every year from here on out, because as difficult as it is to look at your own flaws in the editing room, I feel incredibly proud of myself and these portraits!

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