Why I shoot Boudoir

January 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Many times I have been asked why I chose to shoot Boudoir. So I wanted to sit down and give my feelings on why Boudoir is so important to me.

Women in our country spend so much of their lives feeling insecure over their bodies. Instead of embracing who they are right now, they constantly look back on how they used to be or even worse, how someone else looks.

Heck, I’m guilty of it. But the thing is, others don't view us as we see ourselves. We look in the mirror and see lack of makeup, late nights with sick kiddos, stress balls with a bad hair day. While my husband reminds me how beautiful I am daily. You see, I struggle to see what my husband sees. Just like every other woman out there. We criticize ourselves to the max. and for some weird reason love to compare ourselves to everyone else.
There was an article from 1997 that said 56% of almost 4,000 women that were surveyed were unhappy with their overall appearance and 89% wanted to lose weight! Clearly this feeling is every bit as relevant over 20 years later. Which is crazy!

Boudoir celebrates women. Even though, most women often book a boudoir session for their significant other, they end up realizing it’s more for them. They see how beautiful, sexy and special they are . I find that I really enjoy being able to connect with my clients on a more personal level. I discovered how much of a confidence boost these shoots are and how empowered my clients felt after their session, especially once they see their images!

I love being able to create an experience that enables a woman to love and appreciate who they are. It means so much more than just having their picture taken. The photo is usually a gift for their significant other but the experience is ALL for her. It’s a beautiful self-transformation and as a photographer, an amazing gift to be able to provide someone!

and THAT’S why I love and shoot Boudoir!


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My group goal is to encourage body positivity, self love, and supporting your fellow ladies and learning to love yourself a little more. If you’ve already done a photo shoot, are about to do a shoot, or are just considering a shoot with me, this is the place for you! Members will get to see sneak peeks of what's going on behind the scenes as well as news first of any promos and preference for session giveaways.

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