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Growing up, I was a very artistic person drawing, painting, and creating. However, for me, my creativity was always based around fantasy. I guess this was my way of escaping the stereo-types placed on you as a teen. Where others in my class drew what the art teacher asked, I was always living in my fantasy world or fairies and unicorns lol. Once we moved from jars and boring items to drawing figures and the human body, I fell in love with seeing the beauty in the human body. Now, I will fully admit you don't go into "detail" in high school when drawing the human anatomy but for my artistic mind and family background of artists, it wasn't long until I was getting how to draw people and portraits books for Christmas or a birthday lol.

Mythology was another thing I loved and somewhere along the way I started to combine the two. In high school and friend of mine noticed this and introduced me to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Two AMAZING artists that were and still are known for taking portraits of people to the next level by combining them in a fantasy world of their own. I fell in LOVE with these artists and their paintings and turned my drawing into this very style. Of course in high school this was not "proper" but I didn't care. I loved it. And only once I got to college did my art instructor help grow this passion and creative love. She taught me posing of models to create even better portraits and gave me even more insight to growing my creative abilities.

Now, two things I learned from college that still stick with me today. One.... sorry fellas, but doing portraits of yall... yeah. The female body is much more beautiful to create portraits of then yours. Not saying the male anatomy is bad, but yeah... it's pretty boring from an art perspective lol. And 2... it's amazing the things you apply in drawing and painting can be applied to photography.

Now to get back to the point of this blog post. As I was trying to think of what I wanted to bring to my clients in 2022 I started to think of my past. Which happened to remind me of these two amazing artists and their work. After revisiting their work with some of their books I had in the attic it made me wonder about creating these in photography form. Having clients pose like in these pieces of work and combining elements of fantasy to them. Maybe I'm biting off more then I can chew with this thought, but I can't get it out of my mind.

What are your thoughts? Should we give it a go?

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