Why you should invest in yourself!

February 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Everywhere you look boudoir photographers are telling women the same thing. Invest in your self! And it's true. With all the daily stress of cleaning, grocery shopping, bills, work, kids... the list goes on. When was the last time you invested in yourself and did something solely for you?

If you anything like me, you can justify spending the money on your kids or family but when it comes to you... you can come up with a thousand reasons you don't need to do it. But there comes a time we really need to sit back and see what placing ourselves on the back burner has done.

Think about it. As most women grow older what do we do? We put ourselves down. We say "oh I wish I looked better", or "I wish I could loose this weight". It's always something negative.

So when I decided to do boudoir, it was to remind women of how beautiful they are, not matter the age or stage of life they are in. That they are awesome in their own bodies and that they should own who they are. Not who they were or want to be. Who they ARE, right now!

When investing in a boudoir experience with Chrissy Smith Photography you are not signing up for a regular photo session. You are investing in yourself. From the time you pick up your phone for our phone consult to the time you walk out the door with your amazing products, I want the full experience to be one you LOVE and want to tell all your friends about. I want it to be the experience that re fuels your confidence in who you are and how amazing you look!

When designing my experience I wanted it to be a all in one type thing. I didn't want it to add stress to any part of the shoot. So that meant, making it a one shop pit stop. What do I mean? Well, versus having to travel to get your hair done, then to get your makeup done, then to the location of the shoot. I wanted to offer all of that in one place. You don't have to run everywhere. You come to the studio where our professional hair and makeup artist will be waiting to pamper you with the hair and makeup style you want. All while having some girl time during your pampering we talk about the look you are going for and outfit choices. There are a lot of laughs and girl chat during this time, but it allows my clients to relax and enjoy the full experience. Once your pampering is done we move on to the shoot. Every one of my clients to date say how much fun they have during their shoots. I don't just throw you in front of the camera and boss you around. We laugh, we act silly, we have FUN! And before you know it the shoot is complete and your acting like America's Next Top Model! And THAT is what I love. To be able to see the transformation of a woman come into studio shy and nervous and leave with her head held high and a new sense of confidence is AMAZING! Even though the shoot ends, the experience continues as a week later my client will come back for an amazing reveal of her stunning images a week later where client's are then able to choose their favorites and pick products/collections. Even at the reveal and order appointment, I have designed it around keeping stress down. So my clients have the availability to in-house payment plans to take the stress of cost away and make it affordable for everyone.

Ladies, those reasons for not investing in yourself.. are no longer legit. There is no reason you don't deserve some self-love! All that's holding you back, is yourself!

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