My 6 Favorite Boudoir Experience Poses

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Boudoir is so much more than just taking pictures of a person in their lingerie. But creating an holding space for you to make yourself vulnerable, to allow yourself to be unscripted and raw – creating an unforgettable experience where I make portraits with real emotional connection.

As a boudoir photographer, I have seen the transformation that happens when our clients are affirmed through their boudoir experience. And I have to tell you, it's an amazing thing to see. But just like any Boudoir shoot, posing is a HUGE part of that shoot and can be the difference between being an amazing one or a "meh" one. And let's face it, if you aren't used to being in front of a camera, it can also be one of the most challenging parts of doing a boudoir shoot. This is why I guide all my clients through every pose every step of the way.

No matter what the styling or aesthetic is, boudoir comes down to body language. If a client is stiff or uncomfortable, that will translate into the images. I want all our boudoir portraits to be truly intimate expressions of who you are. So your boudoir portraits should be as alive, as honest, as tangible and as sensual as you are. A lot of the poses that I do at a boudoir experience are inspired by being in a bedroom – poses that are about being in a space where you feel free and at ease.

The more confident you feel, the more at ease you will feel. And that confidence and ease translates into natural beautiful boudoir photographs that are honest and authentic. Mindset matters. So when you book an experience with me, I will send you our Chrissy Smith Photography boudoir prep guide that will walk you through the whole session experience and let you know what to expect.

As I was thinking through what poses I love and what boudoir poses work with every kind of body. I wanted to narrow them down to six of my best boudoir poses. These are poses that I love starting with – and clients love seeing in their albums and wall art. Practice these poses yourself to see how it affects your body. What poses highlight the parts of your body that you love???

So, what do they all have in common??

  • Look good with all bodies
  • Reference work outside the genre
  • Can work with any wardrobe and styling?

These flattering boudoir poses we can do with anybody and at any shoot – the wardrobe and the lighting and the textures and colors in the frame change the look and feel of the image.? All of these poses are easy to learn and add movement to – change the direction of your gaze (directly at the camera, at the light source, at your own body, or close your eyes) and move your fingertips along your body. This does two things-? draws attention back to your body and you can check in to how your body feels.

So enough with the yapping and lets get to the poses shall we?


#1 The Cougar

Yes, you heard right. I named this pose after those Cougars out there because that is exactly how you amazing ladies look with this pose. Personally I love this pose because it flatters all ladies and gives an amazing view of that rocking bootay! It's really no different than crawling and can be pulled off in many sets, from the bed to the wicker chair, this is sure to be a pose that Significant other will always remember.


#2 The Reach

This is another of my favorite poses because it is so versatile and can work with all ladies no matter how much amazing curve you possess. Once again you can rock this pose anywhere from the bed to a chair, the sky is the limit.


#3 Daydreamer

This pose has to be one of my all time favorites! The best part, it is so stinkin' simple to pull off. Just lay with your booty facing your bed and prop those long beautiful legs up and wa-la. Instant model! Not to mention this pose gives not only an amazing view to those legs, but your chest as well.


#4 Work it

A lot of ladies ask why I call this the "work it". Well, I do have to admit, getting into this pose is usually a little daunting and there is typically a lot of laughing involved with getting into this pose. But, I can honestly say this is one of those poses that ALL my clients have loved when they see the final image.


#5 The Lounge

Let's face it ladies, we have all been guilty of doing this one even without noticing we have done it. The best part is, this natural, smokin' pose works for all of us! And when shot at the right angle, really enhances that natural sensual beauty we all possess.


#6 The Nymph

This is a go-to for my outdoor claw-foot tub set. There is nothing more sexy than a beautiful woman within the beauty of nature, and this pose always looks amazing and innocent!


These are just a few of my ago-to poses that I use for my amazing clients. (Heck if I decided to show them all, we would be here all day. ) Slight variations may occur, of course as no two shoots are ever the same, but there are some of my favorite boudoir poses. No matter the wardrobe, these poses are timeless, elegant, sexy, and simply beautiful.

For Chrissy Smith Photography, I don’t want my boudoir poses to be over the top. These six sexy boudoir poses will make your photos authentic and intimate. Remember that mindset matters – so keep your hands and gaze moving.

Have fun trying our these six sexy boudoir poses on either side of the camera!

And if you are someone who is ready to feel sexy at your own boudoir experience, reach out to my Luxurious Fairfield, PA Boudoir Studio and schedule a FREE consult call.


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