3 Amazing Ways To Display Those Rockin' Boudoir Photos

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3 Ways to Display Your Boudoir Photos

Amazing images are never meant to stay on a screen. Your images have breath and life in them. They represents the beautiful, fierce soul, which is you. Who deserves to be celebrated! Here are 3 ways to display your boudoir photos after experiencing a boudoir session.


1 | Albums

Your photos come alive in a whole new way in print, especially in an album. Albums offer you beautiful moments to sit and sift through the pages. Smell the leather and feel the silk finish of the pages.

There’s nothing like seeing your photos come alive on the pages of an album. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.


2 | Prints

Prints are a perfect addition to a custom album. Prints can be small gems found throughout the day, as a bookmark or hidden in a suitcase for your love to find. Or they can be enlarged and hung in your bedroom or master bath, a perfect view from the tub.

My favorite way to display prints is through a folio box. With a pearl finish and white border, they’re unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Wrapped with a silk linen ribbon, it’s a perfect way to keepsake prints.


3 | Gifts

A thoughtful gift, whether for yourself or your significant other, is the perfect way to continue preserving your boudoir photos. After your session, take the time to look at your photos often and enjoy them. Leave a bit of lingerie on the bed with a photo of you or send a surprise text to your better half and let them know you’re thinking about them. The little things go a long way.

A little secret from me to you:

As a photographer, I spend hours making sure each and every one of your photos is perfect. The bummer is, not every company that offers tangible goods have top-notch professional printers. So the photos that have been carefully crafted may not look so hot coming out of a Walgreen’s printer. This is why I only offer the best of the best with my  products. I want to be sure my clients get the best quality and the best prices, not to mention you feel super warm and fuzzy about supporting your local small business owner.


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