Fairies and Nymphs oh my...

April 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

It's hard to believe I am thinking of spring and summer and we have just really started Winter and Snow. But of course that's how it goes with trying to stay one step ahead in the world of Boudoir.

We have done the Angel theme, which is amazing. However I have been throwing around the idea of fairies and nymphs since last year. This time around I am putting it on my inspiration board of shoots I want to complete in 2022!

I took to Pinterest and needless to say I am hooked. Just take a peek at some of the ideas for outfits I found!!! Can we just take a moment to be in AWE!? Not to mention how totally cute would these look for a maternity boudoir???

Boudoir is all about embracing your natural beauty, and what a better way to do that then embracing it in nature itself? I have been trying to think of how I want to do the set for these shoots and what kind of feel I wanted to create and then I came across this image.

This really had me thinking, we have a TON of wild grapevine in the woods. How hard could it be to make this in real life and life sized??? Not to mention, we have boulders galore on the property... so....do I think this is my next project? Do I think it will be amazing? Do I think my husband is going to hate me.... Hell yes I do! LOL

Oh, and combine that set and wardrobe with an amazing natural headdress and cellophane wings and amazing things are bound to happen!

I am convinced that that pinterest will be the death of me, but I look forward to all the inspiration it gives and opportunities for amazing shoots for my clients!

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