How Boudoir Can Heal You And Make You Fall In Love With Yourself

May 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

When was the last time you felt truly confident or truly sexy?

Too often, the business of life gets in the way of our ability to look inward and reflect on all the reasons why we are as beautiful and perfect as we are. When life changes hurt your confidence, it is even harder to remember this. Boudoir photo-shoots strip away the distractions of everyday life. When it is just you and the camera in a completely safe space, your innermost self is revealed. All of the worries, anxieties, and responsibilities overshadowing your confidence fade away, leading to more authenticity and self-discovery than you ever thought possible. 

Boudoir encourage self-love and self-reflection. You will feel different at the end of your shoot–stronger, sexier, more confident, beautiful. It then becomes your job to put the pieces together and recognize that you are no different than the person who walked into the shoot, even if you feel different. You just allowed yourself to lean into those feelings of confidence and self-love and allowed yourself to fully engage in a transformative experience. When you experience something challenging, traumatic, or life-changing, you will sometimes need reminders of who you were before the event and who you want to become. After your boudoir shoot, you will always have an amazing experience and memory to return to, reflect on, and remind yourself of your power and worth–past, present, and future.



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