Boudoir... Who's it really for?

June 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

When many people think of doing a boudoir shoot, they automatically think of a spouse or significant other. But in truth, is that who the shoot is really for?

I really wanted to dive into this a little more and explain. You see, as much as boudoir is an amazing gift to give to your partner, I feel it is even more of a gift for yourself.

Just like strutting your stuff with your new coach purse, rocking that new mani & pedi, or getting your hair done and feeling like a million bucks... Boudoir is about making you feel good about yourself.

There is a reason I call my boudoir more then a "session", but an experience. A session is in and out, you come, get photos, and that's it. Nothing that really changes how you see yourself or even really makes you feel good about yourself. Heck I couldn't tell you how many family portraits sessions I shot in the past where the women would forever tear themselves apart in photos. Not liking their hair, their smile, their bodies. All because they didn't reach the standards they thought were placed on them. All because they couldn't see the beauty that they had right then.  This is why I offer an experience.

From the time you walk into my studio to the time you leave it is ALL ABOUT YOU! Designed to be all inclusive, Hair & Makeup, wardrobe, shoot, reveal... everything under one roof. So no running to the hair salon, to the makeup artist, to Ulta to get lashes, heck you don't even have to run to a lingerie store if you don't want to, because I have already thought of that and even offer a client closet for all my clients to have the availability to use.

I want you to feel confident, and I want you to rock that confidence even after your experience is over. Then when your excitement has started to drop you'll get to come back in studio for the live reveal of those amazing images you had so much fun doing. Bringing that confidence boost right back up when you see just how amazingly beautiful you are and always have been all along.

So, this is a gift to you, to be a part of the total pampering and confidence renewing experience offered by Chrissy Smith Photography. The images and products... they're just the icing on the cake.

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