Why investing in a Boudoir Experience is an investment in yourself.

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When making an investment, you want to make sure you are getting your money's worth. While a luxury boudoir experience may seem like an extravagant want for some people, for many it is actually a need. Women need to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy. You just can't put a price to the empowerment that boudoir brings to your life. If you've been considering a boudoir shoot but can't justify the price tag, let me explain exactly what goes into the investment in yourself... and trust me, your worth every penny.


Equipment & Education

Anyone can go out and drop the cash to buy a top of the line camera and the best photo editing software, but learning how to use it correctly is a different story. Lighting, exposure, technique- all of the skills come with years of experience and education. When it comes to photography, you absolutely get what you pay for. When you look back on these photos, you want to feel proud and happy to show them off, so don't skimp for anything less than professional.



Wedding photographers travel to your ceremony site, portrait photographers take advantage of the outdoors, but boudoir photographers work so intimately with our clients, that we must have a studio space. With a secured studio space, we then have to fill it with the perfect props & sets including a beautiful bed set for those super sultry sexy poses. The more sets in the studio the better as this gives a variety of looks and not just one. Trust me, you want to feel as comfortable and secure as possible during your shoot, so a quality studio is well worth the cost of a session.


Professional Hair & Makeup Services

One of the most significant (and most necessary) costs in a boudoir shoot is the professional hair and makeup services. When you book a boudoir shoot, you don't want someone who makes YouTube or TicTok makeup tutorials for fun doing your glam. You want a professional licensed artist that can give you any look you desire. My team uses the highest quality products, so you look your most beautiful when they are done bringing out that natural beauty. I want you to be the most confident sexy version of yourself and with the magic of makeup, you'll definitely feel that way.



To someone who has never experienced boudoir before, the investment may seem daunting for just a few hours of shooting. But in truth, there is so much more to it then that. Consultations, editing, ordering and creating products - there is so much that goes on behind the scenes. While each shot captures just a moment in time, there are countless hours of prep work behind what you see. I've even driven several hours on three separate occasions to get the perfect prop piece for shoots. All this effort goes a long way into giving you a finish product you will completely LOVE.

Additionally, because the personal nature of my shoots, I commit to only 1 client a day so that she can have all the personal attention she deserves.


Planning & Execution

When you book a shoot with Chrissy Smith Photography, your experience will be unlike any other. I place a great deal of time and effort into crafting and bring to life the most unique settings for my clients. My Studio is located on just under 10 acres of beautiful mountain scenery, so we take full advantage of the beauty nature provided us with with both a cast iron gate set and amazingly stunning claw-foot tub set to capture some truly one-of-a-kind shots. Sure, it seems like a lot, but you deserve for your shoot to be individualized just for you.


You don't compromise when making an investment in your home, so why would you compromise when it comes to your self-worth? This is a once in a lifetime experience and you deserve the best. Your newfound sense of confidence and empowerment is something you just can't put a price on. I even offer financing that allows you to pay for your package over the course of an entire year if need be. So you can enjoy your Boudoir Experience now, with no stress. If your ready to invest in yourself, let's chat!







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